Cm7 chords with alternative bass notes

Cm7 chords for piano with alternative bass notes presented by keyboard diagrams.
Explanation: The slash in the chord name indicates that the second letter is added as a new bass note. Cm7/F should therefore be read as C minor seventh chord with a F note in the bass and so forth. Note that Cm7/F would also be possible to play using two hands without an inversion.
Theory: Cm7/F could be seen as an inversion of Cm11 with the ninth omitted.


Cm7/F chord diagram
Notes: F - G - Bb - C - Eb


Cm7/B chord diagram
Notes: B - C - Eb - G - Bb

C chord categories

C Cm C7 Cm7 Cmaj7 CmM7 C6 Cm6 C6/9 C5 C9 Cm9 Cmaj9 C11 Cm11 C13 Cm13 Cadd C7-5 C7+5 Csus Cdim Cdim7 Cm7b5 Caug Caug7