Db chords

Piano chords with the root note Db (D flat) including pictures and explanation.
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Db chord categories

Db Dbm Db7 Dbm7 Dbmaj7 DbmM7 Db6 Dbm6 Db6/9 Db5 Db9 Dbm9 Dbmaj9 Db11 Dbm11 Dbmaj11 Db13 Dbm13 Dbmaj13 Dbadd Db7-5 Db7+5 Dbsus Dbdim Dbdim7 Dbm7b5 Dbaug Dbaug7

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Abbreviations are often used in chord names (alternative chord symbols in parentheses).

Db - D flat major (Db△)
Dbm - D flat minor
Db7 - D flat dominant seventh
Dbm7 - D flat minor seventh
Dbmaj7 - D flat major seventh (Db△7)
DbmM7 - D flat minor major seventh
Db6 - D flat major sixth
Dbm6 - D flat minor sixth
Db6/9 - D flat sixth/ninth (sixth added ninth)
Db5 - D flat fifth
Db9 - D flat dominant ninth
Dbm9 - D flat minor ninth
Dbmaj9 - D flat major ninth
Db11 - D flat eleventh
Dbm11 - D flat minor eleventh
Db13 - D flat thirteenth
Dbm13 - D flat minor thirteenth
Dbmaj13 - D flat major thirteenth
Dbadd - D flat add
Db7-5 - D flat seven minus five
Db7+5 - D flat seven plus five
Dbsus - D flat suspended
Dbdim - D flat diminished (Db°)
Dbdim7 - D flat diminished seventh (Db°7)
Dbm7b5 - D flat minor seventh flat five (Dbø)
Dbaug - D flat augmented (Db+)
Dbaug7 - D flat augmented seventh